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100 clicks purchased - 125 sent:

It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a 49% opt in rate and 5 sales. I will be coming back and sending you some of my team members.
Thanks Again

Brent Young
Video Testimonial from Miller Rhodes - 10 sales 5 upsells - WOW! Click Here To Watch on YouTube!
This was my very first time running a solo ad and I could not be happier with working with Yuhu. Not only is he delivering me fast and high-quality clicks, but hes given me some GOLDEN nuggets about how to tweak my squeeze page to convert even higher --- I mean really, really good suggestions. A++++!


Yuhu d' Ventura
Approved Solo Ad Vendor

I have done several solos with Yuhu and I will say this! Remarkable stats!!! Every solo he has over delivered by at least 40%, I have made 2 sales and a total of 100+ opt ins. He actually wrote a swipe for the system that i am in that is off the meter. All I can say is thanks Yuhu for all of your services so far my man! Thank you and will be back!
Eric Hodnett
Yuhu is a great vendor. I got clicks from him on several occasions and his traffic is always first class:
The conversion rate was on average of 50% (last one was 54%) and at least 70% of the clicks were from tier 1 countries. You can count on getting at least 10% over delivery and the service is great. I will definitely buy solos from Yuhu again soon. One of my favorite vendors.

Ran Magal
Yuhu is the best, I ordered 300 clicks and received 394 with 144 opt ins and many sales. He is very easy to work with..a true professional. He is a the top of my list for solo ad sellers and will be using him many more times.
Stuart Grunert
I purchased a solo ad (100 clicks) from Yuhu and got 142 clicks, over 50% conversions and he is a really easy guy to deal with as well as professional and always willing to help !
Tony Hayes
I purchased a solo from Yuhu and got over 40% conversions, not to mention an insane overdelivery.
But what makes it great working with Yuhu, is that he cares how the solo turns out. He does not forget about you after you pay and works with you until everything is perfect and you get the best results.
Greg Pasquale
Yuhu has done a good job with the solo I've got 133 clicks from a 100 click solo and it has converted at 34% which is fairly reasonable for our squeeze page Good job!

abel-chua.comg Abel Chua
Yuhu was great to work with, my solo ad was sent out the day after I placed my order. He also so communicated person and I get as many opt-ins as I had hoped. So far the leads I did get seem to be pretty responsive.

Handoko Tantra
Excellent solo ad, about 40% opt in rate. I will definitely be back for more whenever I need a boost.
Tony Hamilton .
Hello Yuhu. I just checked my tracking links account and I found : 24% overdelivery and 43.30% conversions.
Thank you for your great job...

Carmen Apostoiu

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      One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is to work with Yuhu. He has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support -- and much humor!. With his gentle, firm and sometime down right blunt guidance,I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality. I was down in the dumps with having lost my job 8 months ago and not sure where to head in life..I started out looking for various opportunities online and got hit by the harsh reality that most of the programs didn't work or never showed how to achieve success step by step, this is when I met Yuhu. He completely turned my life around with his perfectionist coaching skills and sharing tips and advises on how to build a list and how to contact customers and literally held my hand all along even to get customers for me to kick start my solo business. It would be an understatement to say I made up my initial investment because what he has given me a new way to live a life and exposure to a business where there is immense potential to achieve financial freedom. If I can sum it up in few words I would say " He is the person to go if you need a coach for your Online Business" You Rock Yuhu!!!

Sandeep Nayak
      What can I say about Yuhu... My friend Agnes told me how she had this mentor named Yuhu that showed her how to make money online building a list. At the time I was living home with my mother after living on my own in Latin America for sometime. I had to move back to New Jersey in a small room at my mother apartment. I can honestly say I felt for the first time in my life like a "loser" Mind you Im in my 30s so yeah it was pretty sad.

     One night I wrote my friend Agnes and told her I felt like a real loser and was tired of not having any money. Asked her if she could help me make money online some how. That's when she asked her mentor if he would take me under his wing and help me in my hour of need. He asked me a couple of questions to see if I would be able to deliver on my end. Shortly after he agreed to help me.

     Before I met Yuhu I was building a list but wasn't really doing anything with it at all. I didn't know what steps to take to better my chances or what OTO's worked best etc. I'm happy to say that I can look into my paypal account each and everyday and I have money coming in none stop.

     All of this because he showed me what I was doing wrong and what steps to take in this if I wanted to make serious money with my list. Thank you Yuhu you really helped to "open my eye" as to what I was doing wrong and why my paypal account stayed at zero all the time.

Xavier Jaramillo